Peter Goubert~
Founder of AIMS

Gene Gunther II~
Customer Service Engineer, Web-base design

Gene Gunther I~
Senior Database Design Engineer, Analyst, Consultant

About Us

AIMS was officially founded in 1981 by Peter Goubert. He started the company to fill a need to automate office operations on a computer specifically designed for non-profit organizations. He developed the first Basic language software applications that ran on a Radio Shack TRS-80 computer for an organization that served the elderly in Brevard County. As word of his success got out, the demand for AIMS products and services grew throughout the state of Florida for many different types of community based organizations that wanted to automate their office operations as well. In 2007, Gene Gunther received the torch to continue the great work that Peter so significantly and passionately developed.

Because most of our staff have worked for a Home and Community based organization at one time or another, we have a more intimate knowledge of our customers business operations which gives us the ability to provide more efficient and effective solutions and support for our customers. Because of this, many customers feel like we are an integral part of their organization. Another one of our strength is our experience. We have been doing this for a long time, which has enabled us to hone our skills and develop a nimble service business model that is second to none.