eCIRTS and LTMC batching
|Allows the agency to batch all their clients service records to eCIRTS or MCOs each month without having to input each record manually, one by one. This module is equipped with error trapping controls to allow quick resolution of "flawed" data, so that record rejection is almost eliminated, thus improving timely payment for services.


|Our flagship product. AIMSPlusMax is a dynamic database tool that senior service agencies utilize to track clients, home services, transportation routes, meal schedules, agency costs, perform claims billing... plus a whole lot more.
AIMSPlus is a Microsoft Access based application.


Vender Web-Interface
|An online Interface that allow vendors to timely report units of service, hours, costs, and status for authorized clients for quick reporting & payment. The Vendor interface is HIPAA compliant and secure for handling client service information.

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|Our case management database tool that greatly increases the accuracy and efficiency of case managers by automating the collection of data for 701 assessments, case notes, care plans, and case management service hours.